La Vita Dolce is thrilled to offer a new way to experience iced coffee: Dolce Nitro. It’s our cold brewed coffee, kegged, infused with nitrogen, and served on stout tap. So what does that mean to you, the coffee drinker?

It means it’s going to be a good summer.


“The nitrogen-infused iced coffee on tap at La Vita Dolce is INSANELY good. Go try it if you’re near Chapel Hill anytime soon.”
– Josh L.


Let’s break it down.

First,  we found outstanding coffee. Then we cold brewed it by steeping ground coffee in cool water for over 14 hours. Because it uses cooler water, a higher coffee to water ratio, and a longer brew time, cold brewed coffee is different that hot brew. It has muted acidity, an enhanced sweetness, and a thick body. It’s thirst-quenching by nature and, best of all, it’s born and bred to be served cold.

“Decadence is the name of the game with this drink, and just about every other option at La Vita Dolce.”
– Chapelboro News

Hot brewed coffee that’s then cooled down can become “stale” as it oxidizes (oxidation is BAD for the taste buds and happens more rapidly at higher temperatures). That’s why iced coffee often tastes “old.”

Cold brewed coffee, though, is never hot – it’s a brewing process invented to cure ills produced by moving from hot to cold. So that’s how we chose to brew Dolce Nitro.

“Try the cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen. Amazing!”
-Evan C.

Next, we kegged it, infused it with nitrogen, and hooked up a stout faucet to our tap. Beer enthusiasts might have an idea of what this does. Nitrogen and stout faucets are used with beers like Guiness, contributing to their creaminess and beautiful frothy head. It has a similar effect when applied to our cold brew.

“Think Fast and Furious cool in a cup-of-joe!”
-WRAL News

When we serve you a glass of Dolce Nitro, you’ll watch a stream of ice cold coffee pour from our stout faucet. You’ll see waves of tiny bubbles waterfall down the edge of the glass, which will be capped with a creamy froth, much like a Guiness beer.

“This is dangerously good.”
– Bill B.

The cup will be relatively sweet, creamy and have a big-mouth feel. It’s beyond refreshing, satisfying the simultaneous cravings for coffee and thirst-quenching that come with summertime in North Carolina.

Stop in anytime for a free sample to enjoy iced coffee in a new way!